Twenty20 International – Betting On The Most Popular Cricket Format

Twenty20 International, more commonly known as T20Is, is the most recent and fast version of the game. The T20Is are fully packed with intense cricketing actions. This is fantastic cricketing action for those who do not want to wait for five days to get the results of a cricket match. It has quickly become the most popular format of cricket, and of course the betting companies have realized this too. Let’s take a closer look at T20I betting!

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How Do You Bet On A T20 International Match?

There are many ways to bet on a T20 International game. There are a lot of marketers that offer different betting options for you. Check out the list below to know more.

  • Match Betting
  • Series batting
  • Race to 10 Runs
  • Match Handicap
  • Top Batsman/Bowler
  • Runs/ Overs at fall of next wicket

There are also some more options that some of the current marketers make avail of. These are:

  • To win the match
  • Most runs outs
  • Highest opening partnership
  • To win the toss
  • 1st wicket method
  • Most match sixes

And a lot more.

There are few reasons to tell why is T20Is so popular these days. We have described some of the reasons here below. Check them out:

  • The fast pace of the game is one of the main reason for the format’s popularity
  • The complete cricketing action in a shorter period. You do not have to wait for hours glued to the screen to get something to cheer for anymore.
  • The fours and the sixes keep raining in a T20 international game.
  • The top-notch athleticism and passion from both the teams on the field keep our adrenalin rushing in the veins.

The Difference Between The T20Is And Other Formats Of The Game

A T20 cricket match does not differ much from the other forms of the game except:

  • There are only twenty overs in an innings.
  • The game has become even shorter and fast-paced.
  • The urge of the players from both the teams to score or to save each run takes top-level athleticism. That keeps the audience on the edge of their seats always.

The Popular Leagues And Teams Worldwide

After the ICC T20 World Cup in 2007 and the Indian Premier League started in 2008, the T20 matches started getting popularity worldwide. Almost all the cricket playing nations nowadays have their T20 premier leagues. Some of the best leagues are:

  • The Indian Premier League (India)
  • The Big Bash League (Australia)
  • The Caribbean Premier League (West Indies)
  • The Bangladesh Premier League (Bangladesh)
  • Twenty20 Cup (England and Wales)

There is also another T20 league called the Champions League T20, where the top franchises from these top T20 leagues lock their horns for the title.

Twenty20 International - Betting On The Most Popular Cricket Format

India’s Performance Compared To Other Teams In The World

There are a lot of power hitters and death bowlers who have made the game more interesting for the audience. There are a lot of teams who are promoting the power hitters and the mystery bowlers to get success in the T20 international matches.

Some of the best national teams in this format are West Indies, Australia, England, South Africa, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, and more.

India is 5th on the ICC ranking for T20 teams. We were the winners of the first-ever T20 World Cup in 2007. Our best ranking on the table was the 1st spot.