Risk Free Bet – Cricket Bet Bonuses with no risk of losing money

When it comes to betting on cricket matches, it’s often possible for customers to take advantage of betting bonuses. Betting bonuses can take many different forms, with some businesses offering customers free bets when they credit their account with a certain amount of money and others providing risk free bets.

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What is a Risk-Free Bet?

In general, a risk-free bet will be offered to newly registered users and allow them to make a bet for the first time without the usual level of risk. In most cases, risk free bets work on the basis that if your bet loses then the bet amount will be credited to your account in site credit, allowing you to place a further bet that will hopefully be successful. If that additional bet also loses then you’ve lost the money, so it isn’t 100% without risk, but that’s what gambling is. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose, which is the risk you take.

Risk Free Bet -  Cricket Bet Bonuses with no risk of losing money

How Can Risk Free Bets Be Used?

As discussed above, a risk-free bet will typically be offered only to newly registered users and allows them to practice placing their first bet with some of the risk alleviated. Betting websites will generally allow a risk-free bet bonus to be used on any of their sports book betting options, including Cricket. For instance, if you wished to use your risk-free betting bonus to place a $200 bet on your favourite Cricket team to win their match, you would place this bet via your account after crediting your funds and wait for the results to come in.

If your team wins then you’ll receive your winnings into your account, which can be withdrawn, and that would be the end of the matter. If your team lost on the other hand, the $200 bet you placed would be put into your account as in site credit which can only be used to place other bets and cannot be withdrawn. In this case, you’d place a further bet on another Cricket match (or a different sport such as Soccer) and hope it wins – otherwise you’ve lost the money completely.

What’s the Difference Between a Risk-Free Bet and a Free Bet?

Betting bonuses come in different shapes and sizes, with some offering more value to customers than others. The difference between a risk free betting bonus and a free bet is that whilst a risk free bet will allow you to place a bet with your own funds and credit you the value back should the bet lose, a free bet will allow you to place a bet at no cost to you. Typically, a free bet will be for a certain value and may only be redeemable on certain matches. For instance, you may be offered a free $20 bet on an upcoming Cricket match. A risk-free bet on the other hand can usually be used on any sporting match the customer desires and, as they’re using their own funds, can typically bet as much as they wish (increasing the chances of a high payout).

Risk Free Betting Terms and Conditions

As is the case with all betting, terms and conditions will apply to any risk-free betting bonuses you use and any other bonuses too. The terms and conditions will commonly include what the limitations are (such as your risk-free bet value only being credited back to you as in site credit should your bet lose) and under what circumstances the company will not honour the bonus you used. Gambling is always age restricted and this age limit can vary depending on the jurisdiction you’re living in, so the terms and conditions will reference this also and may include clauses about proving your identity prior to withdrawing any winnings and what fraud prevention policies they may have in place.

It’s important with Cricket betting online that you are always aware of the terms and conditions of the site you are using as this can prevent future disappointment should you fall foul of them and lose out. Terms and conditions exist to ensure the fair running of betting platforms and to keep the businesses, and customers, safe from any criminal or fraudulent activity.

Risk free betting bonuses can often be an effective way of easing new users into the world of betting on games such as Cricket, allowing you to place your first bet without as much risk of losing your money. A risk-free bet can usually be used on any sporting match and should your bet lose you’ll receive your bet value back in the form of in site credit, which you can then place a further bet with which will hopefully be more successful. Remember to read any terms and conditions and to play safely when it comes to gambling.