Test Cricket Betting – Making Money On The Oldest Format Of Cricket

Test Cricket, despite being too slow for some, is the highest standard amongst the different formats of the game. It has the longest duration. National teams that have granted the test status by the International Cricket Council, aka ICC, place the Test matches between them. The test matches are four-innings matches, where two teams with 11 players each play a game for five days. Test cricket is the proper test of a team’s endurance and ability mentally and physically. 

The popularity of test cricket is not even a matter of time. Although the demand gets reduced with the new and faster versions of the game, Test cricket is still the king of the game. Test crickets usually are majestic.

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Can You Bet On A Test Match?

Yes, anyone can bet on a test match. There are different aspects of a test match that you can place your bet on. Here are some of the aspects on which you can place your bet.

  • Batsman Matches will only count the first innings of the game.
  • Batsman Match Run will count the whole match.
  • Batsman Runs will count all the bets regardless of delays
  • Batsman to score 50/100/150/200/250/300 and so on will also count all the bets regardless of delays
  • 1st innings score will be declared after the end of an innings. Forfeited first innings will make all the bets void. 

There are also some other aspects of a Test match on which you can place your bets. These are Total match Sixes, Innings Runs, First Innings lead, and a lot more.

What Are The Biggest Tournaments Of The Test Format?

Some fantastic competitions occur in the test format of the game. There are some famous bilateral series that now have turned into furious rivalries between the national teams of a different continent. Some of these series are:

  • The Ashes: The Ashes is the oldest test rivalry in the world. Two of the furious rivals of the cricketing world, Australia, and England play the series. The traditional bilateral competition is a 5-tests series between the Aussies and the Three Lions. The winning team gets a small trophy containing a burnt wooden bail. This contest, once every four years, has produced some intense cricketing moments over the years.
  • The Border-Gavaskar Trophy: The test series between India and Australia has named after two of the cricketing legends from both the countries, Allan Border and Sunil Gavaskar. This trophy has recently become a four tests series that occurs every four years featuring both the home and away games in 9 to 10 months apart.

Keeping this prestigious competition aside, there is another prestigious competition starting from 2019. The ICC World Test Championship 2019-21 is the inaugural edition of a world cup for the Test Cricket. It has started from 1st August 2019 with the first test of the Ashes series. The prestigious Lord’s Cricket ground in England will host the finals of this competition in June 2021. This is going to be another fantastic competition that will make test cricket even more popular. This competition will feature nine of the eleven test playing nations worldwide.

How Long Can A Game Be?

Test matches are usually five days long. Two teams are playing four innings in a five-day-long test match. An innings ends either when the fielding team has taken all the ten wickets of batting team, or the batting team has declared their innings. There are three sessions on each day of a test match, two hours each.

Test Cricket Betting - Making Money On The Oldest Format Of Cricket

The Main Difference Between Test And Other Formats Of The Game

  • In a Test match, the players of both the teams will wear all white gears, usually without names of the players in their back.
  • Red balls usually used in a Test match. However, nowadays, the pink ball is also being used for the day-night Test matches, whereas the other versions of the game use white balls. 
  • Each of the competing teams in a test match will get two chances to bat, and to field. In the limited-overs formats, both the teams get one chance to bat.