Cricket Betting in Pakistan – Popular Leagues and Teams

Sports betting is one of the most popular forms of gambling around the world. Different platforms, either online or physical, provide sites where individuals place bets on different teams. Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. There are various platforms where individuals place bets on favorite teams and win money. However, the Pakistani government prohibits betting on cricket. The ban on cricket betting is attributed to Muslim religious laws that prohibit gambling. Despite the ban, the growing popularity of cricket betting in Pakistan has led to the creation of online sites that allow individuals to place bets in disguise. The laws are strict and one might face hefty fines or even jail time when caught.

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Popular Cricket leagues in Pakistan

If you are looking to start betting on cricket, there are several leagues that you can choose from. The odds vary depending on the intensity of the competition in these leagues. For instance, when a league has many tough teams, the odds are likely to be higher. Here are some popular cricket leagues you might bet on.

Pakistan super league

The Pakistan Super League, PSL, was started in 2015. The league is played by six teams from six different cities in the country. Teams in the Pakistan Super League face each other in a double round-robin format. The top four teams face each other in playoffs, after which winners play in the finals. For every win, teams are allocated two points, one point for a draw and none for a loss. The teams are ranked by the number of points, better rub rate, the highest number of wins, fewest losses, and results of head-to-head meetings. The teams playing in this league include Islamabad United, Karachi Kings, Lahore Qalandars, Multan Sultans, Peshawar Zalmi, and Quetta Gladiators.

Cricket Betting in Pakistan - Popular Leagues and Teams

Pakistan Champions Cricket League

The Pakistan Champions Cricket League, PCCL, was started in 2010 by Rashid Latif, former Pakistan cricket national team captain. Currently, the PCCL incorporates more than 40 cricket clubs. Some of these clubs are from Pakistan, while others are from different countries. The teams in this league are divided into eight groups and compete within Karachi City in Pakistan. Teams in every group face each other and the top two proceed to the next round of the competition. The winners of the competition get cash rewards, among other benefits.

If you plan to start betting on cricket in Pakistan, you should know top-performing teams that are likely to win matches. Most of these teams have elite players representing them. Here are some of the best cricket teams in Pakistan.

Islamabad Leopards

Islamabad Leopards is one of the most successful teams in Pakistan cricket. The team was established in 2004 in Islamabad, Pakistan. The Islamabad Leopards home ground is the Quaid-I-Azam Stadium. This team has won various trophies with notable players such as Umer Gul and Babar Azam.

Lahore Eagles

The Lahore Eagles are contestants in the T20 Cup. The team was established in 2006 in Lahore, Punjab province. The home ground for Lahore Eagles is the Gaddafi Stadium, which has a capacity of 25,000. Under their manager, Nawab Mansoor Khan, Lahore Eagles have lost very few games while playing at home. The team boasts of excellent players such as Taufeeq Umar and Adnan Akmal. Since physical betting on cricket is prohibited, the best way to bet is through online platforms. The odds vary depending on the markets you bet on.

You can bet on which team wins the match at the end, or which team makes the most runs. In cases of a competition, you can place bets on a team you think will win the finals. To attract clients, some online betting platforms offer bonuses when you place bets on cricket matches. You can receive the betting bonus if you are a new customer. The amount of bonus varies depending on the betting platform and type of bets placed.