The Hundred Betting – Bet On The New 100-Ball Cricket Competition

The Hundred” is a new competition within the brand new cricket format 100-ball, that has many betting opportunities and rewards bettors extensively. So, if you want to learn about betting money on The Hundred online or you are looking for betting tips on cricket’s most extraordinary tournament, this guide has got you covered.

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Where Can You Bet on The Hundred?

There are many sportsbooks where you can bet on The Hundred. But before you place a bet, ensure you are putting your money in safe hands. The best cricket betting platforms should have market versatility, tasty odds, and first-class customer service. Summarily, the top Hundred websites offer the following:

  • Competitive Odds: All the top betting websites offer decent odds for The Hundred betting.
  • Bonuses and Promotions: Attractive bonuses and salivating promotions are inviting for wagerers, and leading Hundred sites offer these.
  • Safety and Security: These two are paramount when placing a bet on any platform. All leading gaming sites offering The Hundred must be safe and secure for gamblers.
  • Customer Service: Communication is vital in every business relationship. Hence, betting sites of The Hundred must provide unrivaled customer service for their clients.
  • Massive Payment Options: All betting sites of The Hundred accept vast payment options. These allow players to deposit and withdraw easily, even with cryptocurrencies.

The Hundred Cricket Format

To make cricket more exciting and reach a wider audience, the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) developed the new format, 100-ball, and the competition The Hundred. The ECB body firmly believes that this format will help a new audience develop a keen interest in the sport. Based on the name, a total of 100 balls are bowled in The Hundred, and each match lasts around two and a half hours.

The Structure of The Hundred Format

The Hundred comprises of men’s and women’s sides, with eight teams participating in the tournament. In the initial league stage, 32 matches are played with four home and four away games on each side. There is also a bonus game against their closest rival. The playoffs come after the league stage, where the top three teams compete to determine the tournament’s overall winner. The first position winner goes straight into the final while the teams that come second and third play in the semi-final for a place in the tournament.

How to Bet on The Hundred

To bet and win on The Hundred, every player needs to take some fundamental steps, including:

  • Decide where to bet
  • Get familiar with the format and its variations
  • Find in-depth information about the teams and players
  • Study the betting options
  • Outline your betting tactics
The Hundred Betting - Bet On The New 100-Ball Cricket Competition

Betting on The Hundred Futures

Here are the most popular futures markets on The Hundred and how to bet and win on them.

  • The Hundred Winner: Support a team to win the tournament.
  • Run-Scorer Betting: This feature allows you to bet on a player you think might score the most overall runs in a contest.
  • Top Wicket-Taker: This allows you to bet on a potential player to claim the most wickets during a tournament.
  • Player of the Tournament (also called MVP): This is a Hundred future option that allows you to place a bet on the player of the competition.

The Hundred also allows betting on its matches, including match winner, top run-scorer, top wicket-taker, and the number of boundaries.