Cricket Betting in Afghanistan – Teams, Competitions & More

Cricket is Afghanistan’s fastest-growing sport. This is evident from the astonishing success of the national team of Afghanistan. From nearly nowhere in the past decade, the national team is now ranked as top ten in the ODI ICC ranks. Besides the national team, there are more than three hundred cricket clubs in Afghanistan. Nearly every province has a club representing it. Therefore, this sport is attracting fans from all corners of the country. Fans do not only cheer their team. They also show their support through betting.

Cricket betting in Afghanistan is a great way to support favorite teams. For instance, when you bet on your team, you may want to be present on the field to cheer and make sure they win. With many clubs across Afghanistan, gaming fans have a wide range variety of teams to choose from.

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Top National Cricket Leagues in Afghanistan

If you are interested in the exciting and profitable cricket betting on Afghanistan teams, you should know some famous leagues. You can choose your favorite team to bet on. Here are some of the top leagues you should know.

Shpageeza Cricket League

This league is organized by the national cricket board yearly. It is well established with six franchises. The tournament includes players from overseas, A team players, and others from the under 19 teams. Moreover, the league is made more interesting by having national players from the Afghanistan national cricket team. Some of the players participating in this league include the following:

  • Juma Gul
  • Abdul Wasi
  • Rashid Khan
  • Karim Janat
  • Rahim Mangal
  • Aftab Alam

Shpageeza is a twelve-day tournament. The primary aim of this league is to promote sports and, in particular, cricket. The following are the teams that participate in the league:

  • Boost Defenders
  • Kabul Eagles
  • Mis Ainal Knights
  • Amo Sharks
  • Spin Ghar Tigers
  • Band-e-Amir Dragons

Ahmad Shah Abdali Tournament

This league is named after Durrani Empire, who founded it. Although this league has attracted betting fans for a long time, it was only given first-class status in the 2016-2017 seasons. The Ahmad Tournament is organized for four days yearly. It consists of six teams, each representing several Afghanistan provinces.

An Outlook Into Betting in Afghanistan

For a long time, betting fanatics were only limited to brick and mortar casinos. But, with the advent of smartphones and other gadgets connecting to the internet, gaming exploded online.
Punters can now choose from either online or land-based casinos.

Nonetheless, the main concern is whether you understand the difference between online and land-based casinos. Do you know the best option for cricket betting? Luckily, this post will help you choose an ideal betting option.

Online Cricket Betting

Online betting is placing wagers through apps or websites. Depending on the desires and requirements of cricket fans, online betting has pros and cons.

Advantages of Online Betting

  • Convenient: In the comfort of your home or other places, you can still bet on cricket games.
  • Online betting is easy: You only need to sign up with a casino, and you are ready to start betting.
  • Live betting: Place real time bets with constantly up-to-date odds.
  • Better odds: With the increasing number of betting sites, the casinos are adding enticing features to attract customers.
  • Immediate deposit and withdrawal options: As soon as you win, you can withdraw your money without necessarily waiting.

Disadvantages of Online Gaming

  • Lack of interaction: Playing alone from your home or office can be tedious unless visiting a live casino.

Brick and Mortar Sportsbook

Players have to visit a casino to place a wager physically. Nearly every town has a betting casino where you can place cricket bets.

Pros of Online Casinos

  • Authentic atmosphere: When you get into an online casino, you are welcomed by colorful design and soothing music.
  • Interaction: While playing, you can make friends or even have a fun time with your friends and family.

Cons of Land-Based Betting Establishments

  • Scamming: Most land-based betting establishments attract scammers and thieves.
  • Location inconvenience: You may have to drive or walk a long way from home to land-based casinos.