Live Betting – Enjoy exciting in-play odds on Cricket

With approximately ~2.5 billion fans globally cricket is the #1 most popular sport particularly within the Commonwealth Nations. India, England, Australia, New Zealand and Pakistan are ranked in the International Cricket Council as the highest-performing teams in the world. With such fierce competition both on the field and in the betting rooms it’s crucial for Indian players to get ahead of the game and get their bets set up for successful odds. To do that you need a solid sports betting operator that offers live/in- play betting features and we’ve highlighted some of the key things to look out for when choosing a live betting sports platform.

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What is live betting?

Live betting, also known as In-Play Betting offers a significantly better user experience than the standard sports betting platforms for numerous reasons. There’s something unique about placing that first bet in Live Betting, it’s an addictive adrenalin that rushes over you. Feel your heart beat faster as the players rush down the field knowing that at any moment your ‘bets can come true’! Pre-match betting is a thing of the past once you have made the switch to live betting.

The game-changing moments and the unfathomable odds that present themselves in-play that are completely unpredictable and exhilarating. Gaming technology enhancements like live streaming and live statistical updates from your mobile makes the live betting components much more attractive and arguably easier than pre-match betting, you now have full control of the game and the deciding factors considerably change each play and/or quarter. The best players develop solid in-play / live betting strategies to maximise their profitable odds and diversify their betting portfolio across multiple games/events.

Strategies to use in Live Betting

Live Betting - Enjoy exciting in-play odds on Cricket

Live betting takes practice, deep consideration and tactfulness, and the best players always develop a winning strategy before they even start wagering. There are a few key basics that players use to create their winning strategy the first is investing in the right technology ie. betting platform and the second is knowing the game. As a starting point, new Live Betting players should first invest in the basic needs for in-play betting.

Players must do their research to find the best and safest platform to start live betting on, ensuring the platform offers all of your favourite sports games and tournaments, looking for a platform which offers an intuitive mobile app to play on-the-go and looking for key live betting reward offers to increase your odds and capitalising on bigger wins/bonuses. You can also pick a sports book in our list of recommended companies. We only recommend betting sites with extensive and immersive live betting.

Take Advantage of Betting Bonus Benefits

There are many underutilised benefits that players can take advantage of when choosing their preferred Sports Betting operator. To get Indian players ready and roaring for the Cricket Season to resume, Sports Betting operators are offering new players generous betting bonuses including a 100% Deposit Bonus up to ₹10,000 extra. Sports fanatics can also take advantage of sometimes up to ₹10,000 extra winnings on bets with featured promotional offers on special sports games and events. Naturally you can use your betting bonus in the live betting section of the website as well!

Extra Features in Live Sports Betting Platforms

You want a trifecta of high-quality live streaming across thousands of sporting events, top-notch customer service and high reward promotional offers to get the Indian players dream sports betting experience. What is particularly important is choosing a platform which features live statistical odds and animated reproductions of each race and/or play to give players insider information on player and team rankings, records, historical odds and injuries or macroeconomic factors that may present themselves throughout the seasons. Players can also check out our comprehensive cricket betting guides so players can be in the know and learn how to place strategic betting odds on their favourite teams and players. We offer articles about the Test, ODI, twenty20 international betting formats and much more. That way you can think like a coach and build your winning teams.

Help needed if you need it

Who are the critical win key players? Who are the strongest offensive and defensive players to ensure you have selected the best odds on each side of the playing field? The last thing that you want to check on the Live Sports betting platform is the customer service offerings. The most advanced sports- and cricket betting platforms now offer live chatbots, extensive help centres, full FAQ guides and an email for any additional troubleshooting requirements. Customer service agents should ideally be available 24/7 via live chat, email and phone. And they must be legally registered and licensed through a qualified Gaming Authority to make it a credible gaming platform. Remember you are playing with real money and sharing your details so you want to ensure there are strict data privacy and policy information to reassure players that personal information is kept safe.

Live Sports Bets on Mobile

Look for a sports betting platform that offers the best high-quality Live sports betting on both online and mobile app technology. Mobile apps offer the best seamless and easy-to-use betting experience. They offer a complete high definition experience both from site navigation and gaming experience perspective. A mobile app allows players to experience the high-quality virtual experience from any Apple or Android device on-the-go! Score your goals and wickets with the touch of a button straight from your mobile device with amazing cricket betting odds.

Virat Kohli cricket live betting

Cricket Betting Budget

You can’t get past the wicket if you don’t have the backing to get there. It’s important to have fun but also to bet responsibly. Set realistic budgets for your bets so that you feel safe to take higher risks when you want to not when you have to. Once you have a strategy in place you need to set your Live Betting Goals and limits. Known when to take risks and know the wagering amount in every step of the game. By using a mobile payment platform like PayTM with your betting account you can always top up your account when you need to for that all important game decider but make sure you are winning enough to support even the riskiest bets.