One Day International – How To Bet On This Exciting Cricket format

One Day International games have evolved from the Test Cricket. With the almost same rules and regulations, One Day Internationals are one of the most-played formats of the game. The most significant event of the cricketing world, the ICC World Cup is played in this format. Unlike the Test matches, this limited over the format of the game will end in a day. Each team gets the chance to bat and to field for fifty over. However, sometimes in some ODIs, an innings does not run long as fifty overs if the fielding team takes all the ten wickets of the batting team before 50 overs.

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How Do You Bet On ODI Matches, And What Bets Are There?

ODI betting is not something very tough to understand. There are a lot of betting options you can get while placing your bets on an ODI match. We will explain all the rules and regulations of betting on an ODI game. But first things first, here are the options of placing your bet in an ODI match.

  • Match Betting
  • Series Betting
  • Match handicap
  • Race to 10 Runs
  • Top Batsman or Bowler
  • Innings run/ Innings Sixes
  • Team with lowest inning score etc.

However, there are some rules and regulations of betting on an ODI international. Here are some of them.

  • The official rules will govern matches that are affected by the weather. Dead-heat will apply in some exceptions.
  • An abandoned match should start in between 36 hours of the advertised starting time to stop the bets from going void.
  • Bets will be void if the number of matches in a series changes unless a settlement of the bets is determined already.

The History Of The Format

1971 was the year when the first ODI took place. This was an accident as the officials had to conduct a 40 over one-off match after bad weather condition for three days.

After that match, more than a dozen one-day international matches were played in the next four years. After that, in the late ’70s, elements of the ODI were added to the World Series Cricket Competition.

Nowadays, the national teams from different cricket playing countries play ODIs in the ICC World Cup every four years. The ICC Champions Trophy hosted every two years are also played in this format. Nowadays, the most significant change in this format is that now teams play 50 overs instead of 40 overs.

One Day International - How To Bet On This Exciting Cricket format

Biggest Competitions

Some of the biggest tournaments of this format are the World Cup and the ICC Champions Trophy.

  • World Cup: World Cup is the greatest ever competition of the game. ICC World Cup is conducted between the cricket playing nations every four years. This is one of the most prestigious competitions for most of the cricket playing nations. India has won the World cup on two occasions (1983, 2011), and reached the semis on two occasions (1987, 1996). We missed the World Cup by a whisper in 2003.
  • ICC Champions Trophy: ICC Champions Trophy is another prestigious tournament of the 50 overs. It occurs every two years. It is called the mini World Cup. India has a glorious history in the competition. We ended up being semi-finalists in 1998, were the runner-ups in 2000, became joint winners in 2002, and then won the trophy for the second time in 2013.

So, these are some of the biggest competitions and India’s performance in these competitions.