Cricket Betting in Zimbabwe – An Online Betting Overview

Modern-day cricket began in southern England in the late 1600s. Most matches were played for a couple of days with two innings per side. As the popularity of cricket spread in several countries, cricket betting soon became a norm. The sport spread to countries like India, Jamaica, New Zealand, and Zimbabwe as well. Zimbabwe’s cricket realm is active and has a lot of fans both from the country and abroad. Let’s have a closer look at cricket betting in Zimbabwe.

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History of Cricket Betting in Zimbabwe

The first league Zimbabwe used to play in South Africa is the South African domestic cricket tournament, the Currie Cup. Later on, various leagues developed in the country, including Test matches and T20. These tournaments include:

  • The Logan Cup
  • Zimbabwe Domestic T20
  • Pro 50 Championship
  • Harare Friendlies Cricket League
  • Zimbabwe Premier League
  • Eagles Women’s League
  • ACHPP Practice Matches
  • National Premier League

Punters can bet on these leagues with various bookies and wager on their favorite teams, such as the Great Zimbabwe Patriots, Queens, Rainbow, Harare Kings, MidWest Rhinos, and Takashinga. Betting in Zimbabwe is legal both in both land-based casinos and online gambling. Zimbabwe has 50% of its population gambling, and a good number are betting on cricket matches. Also, there is a sharp rise in mobile gambling as the country recorded a decline in laptops’ use for gambling from 50% to 45% in less than 12 months.

Though the Lotteries and Gambling board regulate legal gambling in ZImbabwe, all casinos follow the Lotteries and Gambling Act of 2000. In cricket betting, there are many options to choose from. Some of the cricket bets include match betting, inning’s score, top bowler, top batsman, bowler match bets, series score, and over/underscore.

Cricket Betting Sites: What to Look For

Online cricket betting is on the rise, and it is visible from the vast number of betting sites available in the country. However, there are specific measures one needs to take to choose the best operator. First off, a great betting site must have favorable withdrawal and deposit options. The casino should at least have a mobile payment method, eWallet, and accept bank transfers. Like in other sports betting sites, cricket betting sportsbooks should have at least all the local languages in Zimbabwe, like Shona and Ndebele. Betting sites lacking these languages may not be suitable for local players, especially when reading the terms and conditions. This does of course not apply for people speaking English.

An excellent betting site should have massive betting bonuses and promotions. These are the honey pot of betting in any country as it lures players to wager on games and earn loyalty in the process. Rewards come in different types like welcome bonuses, free bets, accumulator bonuses, and many others. Some sites may not offer these bonuses but have greater odds than their competitors.