Free bet – A guide to the freebet betting bonus

Many online casinos and betting sites have come up with ways to encourage betting enthusiasts to sign up with them and regularly bet on their websites. Some of these products include sign-up bonuses, free spins, deposit bonuses, and the free betting bonus. This article will focus on the free bet betting bonus in sports such as cricket.

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Free Bet Betting Bonus

A free bet is a type of bet that the bookmarker offers to pay part of or the entire stake when a punter places a bet. Many online casinos offer free bets to new customers with others, offering the bonus to existing customers who meet certain conditions. The difference between a regular bet and a free bet when betting on cricket is that you do not need to use money in your betting wallet with a free bet bonus. In case your bet wins, then you are paid the full or net winning depending on the terms and conditions. Some bookmarkers will subtract the stake amount on the net winnings.

Why Bookmakers Offer Free Bet Bonus

Bookmakers offer free bets to encourage customers to open accounts with them and continue betting with the bookmarker in the future. New customers can use this as a way of navigating through the site and trying their luck before using their money to place bets. In most cases, you will need the following to qualify for a free bet betting bonus.

  • Identify a bookmarker offering a variety of cricket betting markets and sign up with them by providing some of your basic personal information. Some bookmakers will require that you verify this information before getting your free bet bonus.
  • Select and register your preferred deposit method from the available options. In some cases, you will be required to make an initial deposit into your betting wallet.
  • Some bookmakers will require new account holders to place the first bet to determine the amount of money to be given as a free bet betting bonus.

How to Use Free Bet Bonus

Free betting bonuses can be used in several ways when betting on cricket or other sports, depending on the betting strategy. However, since you do not use your money with free bets, one should ensure that they make the maximum use of it; otherwise, it would be of no use to redeem the free bets.

  • Consider hedging your bet- This will apply if you have a bet in mind where you use the free bet by betting on another likely outcome, which may have a bigger odd. For example, in cricket betting and betting on the match outcome, if the bet you had in mind was for the stronger team to win, you could back the weaker side using the free betting bonus.
  • Double your money- Perhaps this is the simplest way to use your free bet bonus. If you are thinking of backing your favorite team, why not consider using a bookmarker to give you a free bet bonus and double your money if the bet wins?
  • Matched betting- This is a strategy of turning your free bet bonus into real money using a betting exchanger. Here you place a bet with a bookmaker that a particular outcome will occur using the free bet bonus and betting that the opposite outcome will occur with the betting exchanger.

What Free Bet Bonus Can be Used on

With the primary purpose of free bets being to encourage bettors to bet with a bookmaker regularly, there are many ways one can use their free bets. Depending on the bookmaker, one can only use a free bet for either sports or casino betting, with some allowing one to transfer free bonus between the accounts.

Free bet - A guide to the freebet betting bonus

Some Common Terms and Conditions

Like in any other betting bonus, free bets come with terms and conditions which users must meet to redeem the free bets or funds after a free bet has won. Before redeeming your free bet bonus, you need to read through the terms and conditions, with the following being some of the most common.

  • Geographical Restrictions

Some bookmakers will offer free bet bonus to people from a specific region or country. In this case, go through the list of countries to know if you qualify for a free bet.

  • Playthrough Requirement

This is where the bookmarker requires you to place a certain number of bets or value of bets before you can withdraw your free bet bonus winnings. For example, if your free bet is worth $200 and you are required to turn it or play it four times, you need to win $800 before any free bonus payments can be paid out.

Free betting bonuses will differ from one bookmaker to another; hence it’s important to go through the terms and conditions before using the free bet bonus.