T20 World Cup Betting – The Bets Are On

Live betting on the T20 may feel a bit farfetched for some given the current international travel bans and isolation restrictions still in place. However, rumour has it we will be getting some cricket action this year after all, albeit possibly only domestic matches to begin with. Teams like Vanuatu have already trialled local men’s and women’s championship matches available to fans on a live stream. With teams starting to test the waters against current regulations we can only hope to start gaining momentum again enough so that the government will continue to ease up on current restrictions and start to allow teams to travel again. Although we can’t quite hear and appreciate the roar of the crowd thankfully major sports betting operators are still able to drum up waves of excitement by allowing players to live stream games from their betting platforms and allow players to make in-play bets!

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Current State of Play for Sports Betting

To bring sports- and cricket betting players up to speed on the latest T20 League Schedules; Pakistan Super League currently remain on lockdown, Indian Premier League (IPL) is also still in lockdown but promises to resume later this year. English Cricket League is currently rescheduled to resume in July but given their current state of affected population that could very likely change in the coming weeks.

Live Betting is Vital to Boost MacroEconomics

As major league organizations continue to fight for relief and the ‘go-ahead’ to resume the macroeconomic factors are most certainly taking a big hit globally, the Indian Premier League alone can typically generate over $10 billion for the Indian economy. Players are also feeling the financial burden of having lost sponsorship and franchising opportunities. Sports betting will be absolutely vital to help restore not only cricket but the entire sports industry globally.

With little stability in the clubs, it will be particularly important to follow players at this time to see which players stay loyal to their clubs and which players use this uncertain opportunity to move onto other teams. What will be most interesting is to see if this isolation has given India and Pakistan an opportunity to cool down and re-evaluate their current bitter rivalry enough to come together as a sporting community to move forward with the Asia Cup and T20 World Cup games later this year slotted in for September and October respectively. All things considered, the T20I championship has become much more important in the cricket world than the Cricket World Cup.

All bets are on for Australia’s Hosting of the T20 World Cup 2020

There have also been many rumours that India is already preparing to take the team ‘down unda’ to Australia and undergo the two week isolation period however with Australia’s current strict travel bans this is now seemingly more unlikely to happen.

T20 World Cup Betting - The Bets Are On

The First Round Matches for the T20 World Cup Australia 2020 live games are slated for Sri Lanka vs Ireland and PNG vs Oman on Sunday, 18th October 2020 at Karindia Park, Geelong. The match will run across three match days each comprising a doubleheader, for a total of six matches. Each matchday will feature a contest under lights with the top two placed teams progressing to the Super 12 stages of the tournament.

Whilst placing your T20 bets on all major Sports Betting Platforms will be quite easy, very strict tournament ticket limits apply. First Round and Super 12 (10 max tickets), Semi-Final: (8 max tickets), Final (8 max tickets).

What is unique about this particular T20 World Cup is that it will only include the Men’s Series as the Women’s T20 World Cup was already played in February – March 2020 just in time before the travel bans. There will be seven host cities, sixteen teams and forty-five matches for players to place their T20 World Cup live bets on. Tickets start from AUD $20 but live betting players can catch all of the live-action FREE by streaming across their preferred sports booking live / in-play betting platform.