Champions League – Betting on the Twenty20 cricket tournament

Champions League Twenty20, usually referred to as CLT20, was an annual international cricket event. The competition featured a variety of the best national teams from all the major cricketing nations, favoring South Africa, India, and Australia. It was one of the most popular and competitive international cricket tournaments. Which is why it also attracted a considerable number of bettors. It also offers a wide variety of betting markets, some of which will be highlighted below.

Many players and viewers have expressed great sadness that the league is no longer played, and so rumors has it that the cricket Champions League may start back up again. If it does, this is what you need to know:

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History of Champions League Twenty20

The CLT20 competition was launched back in 2008. However, the first edition was held in the next year, 2009. At the time of launch, it had Cricket South Africa and BCCI Cricket Australia as the two joint owners. It was chaired by N. Srinivasan, who was also the ICC chairman at the time. Raman Sundar was the COO of both CLT20 and IPL.

For the first couple of years, this tournament used to be held for around two to three weeks between September and October, in either South Africa or India. That is except for the first year when the tournament was postponed due to various issues within the management.

The total pool prize started at 6 million USD. Of that pool prize, the winning team took home 2.5 million USD. This was the highest amount that a cricket team had ever received.

The Tournament’s Reception

Right from the start, the tournament received massive support from all cricket fans, and probably even increased the fan base. The whopping 6 million USD prize played a significant role in that. The tournament also earned a lot from broadcasting rights, which helped to popularize it further. However, that was not the case for India in the first year, but that changed in the next year.

Betting on the League

As mentioned earlier, the Champions League Twenty20 attracted quite a vast number of bettors from all over the world. That was more of the case in 2013 and 2014 when the online bettingsites increased in popularity. The online betting websites allowed punters from all over the world to bet on CLT20 tournament games irrespective of where they were.

The online betting casinos also experienced a lot of competition, which resulted in them looking for differentiation regarding what they offered. That meant that punters got a lot more betting options, increasing the entertainment involved and avenues of winning money. Some of the odds you could bet on include highest totals, lowest totals, most runs, most top individual scores, most sixes, most fifties, most hundreds, highest averages, most wickets, best bowling figures in innings, hat tricks, most dismissals, and most catches, among many others.

Bonuses and Live Bets

Betting sites uses betting bonuses to attract more punters for the competition. The rewards meant that the players could bet on any of the cricket games and possibly win real money without the fear of losing any money. There are numerous ways of earning bonus rewards that you can use to bet on cricket games. The signup bonus, which new members usually receive whenever they open an account and make their first deposit, is easy to get. Other ways to get a playing incentive include participating in promotional events, referring the casino to other new users, and being a loyal customer.

The tournament also helped to make live betting accessible in the world of cricket. A majority of people place live bets because of how it makes a game feel a lot more thrilling. As a cricket fan, you are bound to enjoy the game more when you know you have something to lose or gain, depending on the outcome of the game.

League Format

Each of the editions used to have a different number of participating teams, but the format remained somewhat the same. Each of the versions started with group stages and then went on to the two-round knockout stages. In 2011, the league introduced a qualifying stage, which reduced the teams entering the league directly to only those from Australia, South Africa, and India. The disbursement of the prize money ensured that all sides got a piece of it, with the lowest amount offered to teams eliminated at the group stages.

Among the rules of the tournament was that each team had to name 15 contracted players to participate before the start of the competition. Each team could field a maximum of only four international players. Players were not allowed to switch sides during the tournament.

Most Popular Teams of the Tournament

Some teams seemed to be a lot popular throughout the tournament for reasons such as performance and fanbase. Such groups made a significant impact in the tournament and betting world that they deserve to be mentioned.

Regarding performance, the two most popular teams were Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. Both teams won the championship two times between 2009 and 2014. The other two champions were Sidney Sixers and New South Wales Blues. Other popular teams included Trinidad and Tobago, Southern Redbacks, Victorian Bushrangers, Wayamba, Guyana, and Decan Chargers.