Cashout – Cricket Live Betting With Cashout

Since its introduction, there has been a lot of misconceptions about cashout. It is often put across as an extra option for players who wish to reinforce their bankroll by taking advantage of promising gambling conditions during the match. Is this the case, or as many players claim, a sly bookie plan invented to decrease your profits?

There are several explanations supporting both theories. It is quite tempting to lock your profit anytime within the game process without having to wait for the event to end. However, the profit you get will be much smaller compared to what you would get from the initial odds. The advantage, however, is that you have the liberty to choose when you wish to cash out.

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What is Cashout?

Cash-out is a feature offered by online cricket betting sites to their players. The feature allows punters to settle bets before an event comes to an end. This means that one can claim a safe profit though this is less compared to winning at full time. It also allows you to reduce your losses by getting back part of your stake if your team is on the losing end.

Cashout works by simply pressing the dedicated button and agree to ‘close’ at the indicated amount. Usually, this amount can be more, less, or equal to your stake, depending on how the match is unfolding.

Basically, there are three strategies for cashout. You can cash out on Acca beta, live events, and partial cashouts.

Bet-in Play Cashout

The best time for you to cash out is when the score is favoring your bet but are afraid that the opponent will level the score. There is no way that you can be sure about the outcome, meaning that live cash out is more about instinct than as a result of calculated research. If you only rely on what is on your screen, you will often be uncomfortable. You are likely to cash out and feel remorseful because nothing changed or stick with your bet and end up losing your entire wager as a result of a late score.

To avoid any of these scenarios, consider the current score, and match the data with actual possibilities. Also, check to see if the amount on offer feels right. If you think that cashing out is the best option at the moment, go for it and, don’t be remorseful.

Partial Cashout

A partial cash out separates your bet into two: a running bet and a cashed-out net. What this means is that you lock a part of your portion and allow the rest to run. What is essential is to ensure that the amount you cash out is not less than the initial stake you placed, as it means that you will be making a regrettable mistake.

Cashout on Accumulators

This is the most tempting option, particularly if you are looking forward to your Acca bets. When it comes to this, you need to calculate the risk to find out whether the amount you are being offered is greater than or equal to the total profit you would gain without stopping the game. If it’s bigger or similar to it, then you can cash out regardless of the expected profit on the initial bet. If the Acca matches began at the same time, consider cashing out if you are in the final stages of the second half, and all your games are winning.

Why do Bookies Offer a Cashout Option?

Wondering why online bookmakers are offering you a chance to reduce your losses?

The key reason is that it is popular among many punters. It is a way of making betting more entertaining. The player is allowed to ‘close’ his bet allowing him to bet on another game. This is one way that bookmakers are increasing the interest of many punters to take part in In-Play betting. Another reason why the feature is offered is that it allows companies to make more profits out of it.

Cashout Betting Tools: A Complete Guide to Cash Out


If you decide to use the cashout feature while betting on cricket or any other online game, you must ensure that you approach it like a sports trader pro. What this means is that you must consider cashing out when the conditions favor you or are in a losing position. You must not only rely on luck but also watch the match live and partake in the live betting. Have a certain loss point where you withdraw what you get out of your wager. Do not let emotions control you but rather have a cash-out strategy. Let the strategy include a cash-out point when you attain a certain profit percentage and a cash-out exit point if the outcome goes against you.