Cricket World Cup – The Greatest Cricket Event In The World

The ICC Cricket World Cup is the greatest cricketing event worldwide. All the cricket playing nations come together to battle with each other once every four years, for the title of the best cricketing country in the world. This is the most prestigious cricket tournament ever. Let’s have a closer look the cricket world cup, and how to bet on it.

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How Does The Cup Work?

The World Cup is the most prestigious tournament for the cricket playing nations. It is played in the Test cricket format. The format of the tournament goes like this:

  • First, there are ten teams grouped in the round-robin stage. Each team plays against the other nine for 45 matches.
  • The top four teams will qualify for the knockout stages. These four teams compete in this stage to reach the finals.
  • Then the top two teams lock horns in the finals to be crowned as the best cricketing nation for the next four years.

How To Bet On The Tournament?

Just like the other tournaments, gamblers can bet in this exciting tournament too. You can place your bet and make money on many options. Here are some of the best betting options if you wish to bet on the World Cup.

You can bet on:

  • Live Betting: With the improvement of technology, nowadays, we can virtually bet on every ball. You can bet on what will happen in the next ball. We can also bet on how many wickets will fall in a five-over period and more. You can bet on the type of the next dismissal too. 
  • Outright betting: You can decide the outright winner of the tournament with this betting option.
  • Other than these things, one can also bet on the man of the tournament, the man of the match, top bowler, batsman, fielder of the tournament, top run-scorer, and more.

The History Of The Tournament, And India’s Performance

The first ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup was first coming to existence in 1975 in England. The first ODI cricket match was played only four years earlier. However, there was a women’s cricket World Cup that was held two years earlier before the first men’s tourney. England held the first three World Cup. Then under an unofficial rotation system, hosting of the tournament becomes shared between countries from 1987. The world cup was known as Prudential World Cup from 1975-7983. India was the last champion of the Prudential Cup was India under the captaincy of Kapil Dev in 1983. We won the finals against the mighty West Indies that year.

The most successful team in the World Stage is Australia with 5 titles. The current title belongs to the hosts of the last World Cup i.e., England. The winners of the previous three World Cups from 2011 is the host nations. We won the World Cup for the second time in 2011 under the captaincy of MS Dhoni. The next year the Aussies have won it as a host nation under the captaincy of Michel Clarke. This was their fifth title. Then the Englishmen won it this year as a host nation. India is going to be the lone host of the 2023 World Cup.

Cricket World Cup - The Greatest Cricket Event In The World

India has a glorious performance in the World Stage. We had won the Prudential Cup against the mighty West Indies when odds were not in our favor. Then we reached the finals under Sourav Ganguly’s captaincy when no one thought we could go that far. This was in 2003. Then we won the cup again in 2011 under one of the best captains the cricketing world has ever seen. So, these are the things that you need to know about cricket and betting. Check the article to clear your conceptions about the game and its different aspects.