Cricket Betting in New Zealand – A Beginner’s Guide

Cricket is among the most popular sports in New Zealand and comes second only to rugby. It’s among the best sports to bet on when it comes to online gambling during summer. In this guide to cricket betting in New Zealand, we’ll cover some of the best bookies, the best leagues and teams to be on, the betting markets available, and the odds.

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New Zealand Cricket Leagues, Teams and Players

As far as domestic competitions are concerned, there are three professional leagues. These include Plunket Shield (first-class), the Super Smash (Twenty20), and the Ford Trophy (List A). The Plunket Shield, which takes the round-robin format, is the most prestigious league, and since its reinstatement in the 2009–10 season, it has blossomed into one of the finest cricket competitions in the world.

When it comes to the best teams to bet on in New Zealand, the heavyweights include Auckland (Auckland Aces), Canterbury (Canterbury Kings for Twenty20), Central Districts (Central Stags), Northern Districts (Knights for Twenty20), Otago (Otago Volts), and Wellington (Wellington Firebirds), the 2019–20 Plunket Shield champions.

For bettors who are into player markets such as top batsman, batsman contest, and top bowler bets, the top players in the 2019–20 Plunket Shield season that should be on their wish list include Mark Chapman, Joe Carter, Devon Conway, Jacob Duffy, Neil Wagner, and Glenn Phillips.

Cricket Betting Markets in New Zealand

A Beginner's Guide to Cricket Betting in New Zealand

Cricket, just like other sports, has different markets, otherwise known as bet types. There are basic bets for newbies and advanced bets for players who understand the game in detail.

The basic bets include outright winner, series winner, tied match, top bowler, top batsman, batsman contest, etc. On the other hand, the expert-level cricket fans can wager on advanced betting markets such as next delivery, batsman runs, handicap betting, and even in-play betting, also known as live cricket betting.

Betting Odds

The most crucial aspect to consider in sports betting, leave alone cricket betting is the odds format and how they work. This section rounds up the odds format players should expect to meet when betting on cricket in New Zealand.

1. Decimal odds – Also known as European odds, are represented in decimal form. To know the total amount you will win, multiply the decimal odds by your stake.

2. Moneyline odds – Also known as the US or American odds, these take two approaches; underdog (+) and favorite (-), which stand for the side that is most likely to lose and the side that’s most likely to win, respectively. Underdog odds represent the amount players will win for every $100 staked while favorite odds represent the amount players need to bet to win $100.

3. Fractional odds– Also known as UK odds, this is a ratio of what you win against what you stake, fractionally. The number on the left is what you win while that on the right is what you need to bet.

New Zealand is home to local and international bookies so expect to find any of the above three odds formats.

Best Cricket Bookies in New Zealand

Now that you know the essential things when it comes to cricket betting in New Zealand, the big question is, where do you bet? This is a challenge for newbies as there are hundreds of sports betting sites in New Zealand.

To get the best experience, make sure to play on a betting site that is licensed and regulated by a renowned body, talk of the NZ Department of Internal Affairs, or the New Zealand Gambling Commission. Second, find a sportsbook with cricket betting bonuses such as welcome bonuses, reload bonuses, and even free money bets. One last consideration is the betting markets available, and odds. Here, make sure the bookie you are joining has the widest cricket markets and the highest odds.

Wrapping Up

That’s the end of this beginner’s guide to cricket betting in New Zealand. Once you understand all the essential dynamics, the next important thing is to read the top pundit cricket predictions. Do some background research, for example, the head-to-head statistics, and most importantly, the team form.