The Ashes Betting – An in-depth Look at the Ashes Series

Mention the word Ashes, and you’re sure to draw the attention of the average Aussie or Englishperson. The Ashes is that vital. But what is it?

The Ashes is the epitome of cricket. It pits a series of cricket matches between Australia and England. Nowhere in cricket are rivalries displayed more than in these duels. From ardent fans to media frenzies to unexpected lead collapses, controversy is always lurking in Ashes. Buckle up for a test match, as we explain in detail all that you ought to know about this series.

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The Format

This test cricket series comprises of only two teams, the English and Aussie teams. From 1998, the Ashes has consistently featured five test matches that last up to five days. It’s played biennially. The host country is the nation that most recently won the urn. In case the series ends in a draw, then the defending champion retains the trophy.

The History of the Ashes

The Ashes Explained - An in-depth Look at the Ashes Series

The roots of this old cricket rivalry can be traced to 1882 where the name “Ashes” was coined in rather bizarre circumstances. It all started when England, while playing at The Oval, suffered humiliation at the hands of The Baggy Greens.

The Sporting Times, a British newspaper, then satirically mocked the English team’s results by publishing an obituary-like message. It suggested that the English cricket team had died and its remains will be cremated, and the resultant ashes shipped to Australia.

When England visited the Aussies in the return match, this analogy became a reality. Ashes from burnt bail were put into the famed burn and presented to the victor. From then on, the name Ashes stuck. To this date, that famous urn still exists albeit in worse conditions. Winners are only awarded replicas to mark their celebrations.

Despite the initial slump, England went on to dominate the earlier test series. They had an unreal streak between 1883 to 1893, winning all but one of the 12 duels.

Who has the most wins?

Competition in Ashes series has always been cut-throat. To date, 70 Ashes series have been played. Australia leads the way in terms of wins. They have 33 while England is right behind with 32 wins. Only five rounds have ended in a stalemate.

Australia also leads when it comes to player accolades. The player with the most wickets in the history of this series is Shane Warne. He has picked up an astonishing 195 wickets in only 36 tests. The Don, also an Aussie, holds the all-time leading run-scorer in the series. He boasts of 5028 runs in 37 tests.

Recent series domination

English fans won’t be pleased with memories of the series held in the 2017/18 season. The hosts, the Aussies, completely steamrolled the English, 4-0, in that season. The Poms were that bad in this outing. Steve Smith single-handedly pulverized the English team. 687 runs in five matches were no fluke.

Who is the current urn holder?

The 2019 Ashes concluded with a 2-2 draw. Australia being the incumbent, retained the urn. The Poms undoing was yet again the mercurial Steve Smith. His performances in the first and fourth matches were simply outstanding.

Upcoming Ashes test series

The 2020/21 Ashes series will take place in Australia. The Poms did battle gallantly in the previous season and will come full of confidence. The Baggy Greens, on the other hand, should be wary of their over-dependence on Steve Smith.

Betting on the Ashes

The Ashes also presents appealing odds to gamblers. Several top casinos offer markets for this test series. To benefit fully, sign up to a site that provides different betting bonuses. Such rewards significantly cushion you in case of losses. Ensure also to place your bets on a website that offers a live stream of the series. You get to live bet while analyzing how the match proceeds. Always go for casinos with a responsive mobile design.

The Ashes betting cricketbetting

Predictions of the upcoming Ashes

Picking the outright winner for Ashes cricket betting is difficult. Both teams need restructuring. However, England will be gunning for revenge. If the Poms can win the first game and manage to handle Steve Smith, they stand a chance of clinching the urn. Some sportsbooks put England’s chances at a tempting 3/1. Such odds cannot be ignored.